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Nuclear Reactor Cutaway: Dungeness B

Couldn’t resist posting this cutaway diagram of Dungeness B, part of the “World’s Reactors” series. You’ll be unable to miss the outline of its exterior on the Dungeness landscape, but — since tours were stopped a few years back, in the wake of September 11 — you’ll be much less likely to glimpse its innards.


Image © NEI magazine, via BibliOdyssey.

Incidentally, in Ken Oiller’s “Dungeness Remembered”, a memoir of a life spent in the area, there’s a brilliant account of the well-known local phenomenon of “The Boil”: a frothing area of hot water fuelled by the coolant outlet of the reactor. The extra warmth apparently drives massive bio-diversity in The Boil, and with it a significant increase in fish populations, making it an incredibly popular spot for the local fisherman.

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