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the reading festival of weather, art and music, 1st-3rd june 2012

an archive of classic meteorological papers from the royal meteorological society

ocean surface currents visualised over two years, using a NASA/JPL computational model

a beautiful interactive map of wind flow across the USA (via @_jbag @sebemina)

wind (2008), a sound sculpture that responds to wind patterns in the viewer’s visual field, by @damian0815

windswept (2012), a wind-driven kinetic fa├žade indicating the direction of windflow over the surface of a building

weather station (norbert schnell & robin minard, 1995) uses climate sensors and 310 piezos for weather-reactive sonics

david bowen, “tele-present water”, uses NOAA wave data for an installation that is profound in its simplicity

ken goldsmith, “the weather”, transcribing a year’s 1-min weather bulletins

some more weather-related works for the archive: john cage, “lecture on the weather”

mark ballora discusses data and sonification, featuring a lovely audio rendition of weather parameters

this season’s soho house magazine features an interview on variable 4, now available online and as a pdf (p17/18):

looks like wolfram alpha can generate useful graphs of historical weather conditions:

mark nystrom’s automated drawings based on wind conditions are things of beauty: (via @mariuswatz)

we urge everybody to sign this petition to save coastguard maritime rescue stations under threat: (via @RomneyHoy)

really nice video report about the piece on itv channel tv @channelonline:

many thanks to @branchage and to all the people who came down to visit. an unbroken record of four entirely rainless installations!

magical times as the @branchage folk walked across the causeway to visit us late tonight. nighttime movements still broadcasting on 1026mw.

high tide, and we’re alone on elizabeth castle island. exploring the 6thC hermitage & neighbouring ww2 bunkers.

… possibly the first 24-hour BBC broadcast of a piece of generative music?

for those in the jersey vicinity, tune in to 1026MW to hear variable 4 on bbc radio, broadcasting continuously for the next 24 hours…

we’re now operational at @branchage, with our first night spent within elizabeth castle’s walls. blustering winds not dropping below 3m/s.

beat the crack of dawn to portsmouth harbour, now at the freight terminal for the channel islands ferry…

the live weather conditions of jersey can also be tracked via: @LiveWeatherJSY

the happy recipients of detailed historical data from jersey meteorological department ( and now: analysis friday.