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In the studio with Weymouth Concert Brass

In the studio last month with players from Weymouth Concert Brass and other local brass bands, performing fragments that will be incorporated into the Portland Bill edition of Variable 4. Pictured below is Ceri from Weymouth Brass on B♭ cornet.

Ceri Dickenson from Weymouth Concert Brass

Ceri Dickenson from Weymouth Concert Brass

the reading festival of weather, art and music, 1st-3rd june 2012

weather station (norbert schnell & robin minard, 1995) uses climate sensors and 310 piezos for weather-reactive sonics

8tracks for Snape Maltings

anemometer-avatar-800 Before last year’s installation, we created an 8tracks mix which included a range of the musical influences behind the piece. We decided to keep with the tradition and repeat the process with a new mix for 2011.

8tracks Variable 4 Playlist II

This one is a fairly intimate selection, with piano pieces by György Ligeti, John Tilbury and Eddie Prévost, harmony-drenched electronica from Fennesz and Alva Noto, and a stunning 20-minute final piece which translates Sudoko boards into ethereal piano refrains.

on the blog: development trip, 3 may 2011. snape maltings r&d, field recordings, and digging holes.


8tracksWhilst taking a short break from the logistics of Variable 4, we decided to put together a playlist of some of the music we have been listening to over the last few months to share with you.

We’re big fans of the 8tracks aesthetic and idea, which picks up from where its sorely missed predecessor Muxtape left off.

Have a listen to our Variable 4 8track mix here and let us know what you think.