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Wind Knitting Factory

Here in our headquarters inside the Variable 4 windmill, we keep an ear to the ground for innovative and engaging weather-related artworks. We’re putting together a collection to publish shortly, but in the meantime, we couldn’t resist mentioning this piece. Merel Karhof’s Wind Knitting Factory is a mechanical device which harnesses wind power to produce a neverending scarf, which is occasionally harvested to produce wearable garments.


scarves_wind knitting factory_merel karhof_copyright

In a charming touch, the product is linked to the process with a label indicating the date and time taken to knit each garment.


future city senario

The group’s blog includes a collection of images of urban windmills, and an adaptation of the idea into wearable brooches which convey the air movement created when the wearer moves around.


About Variable 4

Variable 4 is an outdoor sound installation that translates live weather conditions into an ever-changing piece of music, using weather sensors and custom software to generate and recombine thousands of musical fragments. Read more about the piece...